Almost Gone

Instead of cropping this picture into a more natural and pleasing presentation, it is presented as a full total shot. 

Total is for all of it, why leave anything out when everything belongs in.  All belongs there, both occupied space and empty/emptied space. 

The man began his day without. Every day starts well before it ends and is added to it continually. Until the other end. The day is then all it will be and then no more.  Nonsensical. 

The path does not need to be clean or clear, take the options, or as Robert Frost has done, the path less taken. It’s okay to get lost alone and along the way.  Only then will the full richness of the unknown may be discovered. 

Don’t be in hurry to have it all. After the final chapter is always the next chapter. 

The man walked on. The day became cooler. The total exposure before for the house is now nearly totally shaded by the trees that were planted nearly two decades ago.   

Let it go again daily. 


ThirtyFive Years Ago Just Now

It was somewhere around 35 years ago just around now when two young airman were smitten with each other. Their first meal was grilled shish kebabs accompanied by a bottle of Firestone Reisling. Their first anniversary and others since then have included a bottle of this delightful vintage. 

This evening, at their favorite watering hole, an unexpected surprising delight was discovered on the wine menu  ….. Firestone Reisling. The memories swirl. Our smiles & love will last forever.  


All That Was Left

All that was left is the silence of the unspoken and the unheard.   No longer any word. 

Thoughts remain hidden, regrets or expectations now unbidden. 

Not ready nor willing to ask for more. The quiet question is always what for. 

There may something else to say. But that may or may not be for another day.  

The another day is now here. Have no fear. 

Go and do what can be done. Then remember to find some fun. 


How Far Away

The greater the distance, the better the solitude.


Distant :   Far away in space or time.

This fits in well with the triple continuum of time, space & place. These are the three sides to an equilateral triangle. 

Further reflection pending. 


Life is Art

Life is art, so it is said. I imagine myself as a writer with words & light.  This is different from authors who publish and artists who work on paid commisssion. The author/artist have a commercially valuable imagination. This talent is then used to create value added context.  Their success is based upon fertile imaginaryism. 

Imaginary: Existing only in the imagination: The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Form: Style, design, and arrangement in an artistic work as distinct from its content. 

Imaginary happens in the mind. The mind resides in the brain. Our stream & scream of consciousness is evident only to ourselves, based upon our filters, fears, biases and former experiences.  

Art attempts to transcend individual imaginations through collective and shared expression. While still, the shared conversation/dialogue starts with;  “what does that picture mean to you?”, “what in that book spoke to you?

Robert Indiana created the work of art presented above. It”s called Love Wall and is displayed at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine.  What I see in this expression of art is love four way. The lower left is obvious, the lower right is the reversed/mirror image.  The top is the bottom upside down.   <yes, I typed that out loud> To me, this means that love is both reflective and capable of turning the world upside down. 

Our emotions are imaginary. They exist in the mind, cloud or enlighten the soul, but are never fully visible or adequately expressed.  Be careful with what you create in your imagination. 

From the house at the edge of the forest. 


Smoke 2017.02


0715:  The brisket is on over cherry chunks. 

Meat @ 46. Dome running hot @ 248

0825:  Meat at 113. Dome @ 268. Ran hotter for awhile. Touched 290.  The top vent is nearly closed, hopefully allowing the temperature to slow down.  


On The Road Again 

Lobsters to go at the Portland, Maine JetPort. 

The purpose of this trip is private but I intend to live blog when opportunities for comment and/or compliment are presented.  

Compliment #1: I made the TSA hostess burst into a giggling fit.  When using the iPad boarding pass, it blinked green and I exclaimed with enthusiasm, “It Likes Me!”  

We are flying Delta this trip. They have been news silent so I look forward to another drama free flight.  Going first class always helps. 

Even in, or especially in, the airport, there are some people not of this world.  What if I’m one of them?

The lonelyness of a cancelled flight. 

And our chariot has arrived. 

And the one carrying-on / check you bags at the gate chattering has begun.  

And the train whistle has blown signaling ALL ABOARD!

It’s time to fly high & run silent.  

Wifi at 33k ASL. 

Arrived 45 minutes early, only to pause at the gate.