Freedom to the Hills

Good advice from Garry Harrington, author of Chasing Summits.

Take stock of your own life, as I did mine more than a decade ago. Rediscover your own earlier dreams and the courage to take the action required to make them happen. I did, and you can, too. It’s not too late.

It’s time to take stock.



Freedom of the Hills

This will be a new feature here on the Maine Forest Cafe. The purpose of this feature will be to document my return to hiking the hills. Freedom of the Hills is the title of a book I read way back in the day. It is more about mountaineering than about hiking. My goal is to return the White Mountains of New Hampshire to hike the 48 peaks above 4,000 feet ASL. These are abbreviated as the NH4K.

Over the past four or so decades, some of the NH4Ks have been summited. These include, in no particular order, Hale, Zealand, North Twin, Owls Head, Flume-Lafayette-Lincoln, North & South Hancock, Tecumseh, Canon, Tom-Field-Avalon, Waumbeck, Monroe, Jefferson & Washington. There is at least one or two more that may take awhile to remember. 18 so for.

To start the quest, I will be training with some hiking. A good local trail is the Bradbury-Pineland Connector Trail up to the summit of Bradbury Mountain. The good news is that this trail is only five minutes from the house.

Sign along the Lawrence Road.

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Land Yacht

RV’s get decorated. Some more than others. We keep our decorations low key – some robust party lights on the awning, an American Flag flying high off of the back, and now these nautical signal flags. From left to right, they signal GETAWAY.

I know, easily and creatively amusing.

GETAWAY is in the shop right now for some more ten year maintenance – steps overhaul, awning arm replacement and a tear in one of the slide-out gaskets. Hopefully, the gasket can be patch repaired and it will resolve the mysterious rain leaking into the carpet concern.

The next trip isn’t until the end of next month. This time, a getaway to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Hope to get in a 4K dash and continue FotH initiative (which is another blog pending.)

Take a Hike

It had been longer than necessary, and hopefully will not be too long before the next one. A walk through the fields, into the woods and across a creek are good for the body, heart & soul. This trail is about a ten minute drive from the house and many more miles away from it all.

Winter hikes for me are rare without reason. The choices include snowshoes or hope for a decent boot track. The coin toss chose hope for a decent boot track. And it was good enough. The snow was much less than knee deep, so there was no post-holing.

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Almost Iconic

Great picture, but should have been better. The camera was left in the aperture mode while I experimented in depth of field while doing landscape shots.

The results were pleasant, met expectations by focusing on the near subject while blurring the background.

But when it came to bird in flight pictures, nothing was really in focus. What should have been done was to assess the scene for possibilities and set the camera to shutter priority and set the speed to 1,000 or so.

Lessons learned for another day.