What’s on my desk?

Four books, my journal of randomusings, Spontaneous Optimism – recommended by a southern friend, Norman Mailer’s the NAKED and the DEAD (my tribute reading for his recent passing), and 365 TAO, daily reflections to transcend from the mundane.


2 thoughts on “What’s on my desk?

  1. Good reading. On my desk are the mundane – guess that’s a sign I’m missing the tao. I have a copy of the training plan I’m half finished building, numerous salary surveys, “patterns and paradigms” – sounds cool, but it’s just a benefits trend report. And finally, a copy of “whitewater kayaking basics” – that I’ve never cracked open because I tend to just experience kayaking when I go and I think if I read about what I’m supposed to do that would ruin my trial by water.

    Thanks for reminding me some things are more important than the daily work projects.

  2. It would be embarassing to list all the crap on my desk. Ideally it would just be the keyboard, monitor, mouse and some inspiring things. Instead, I have random piles eventually destined for recycling, mixed in with my tax info, a cd that I don’t even like, and a half-retyped one act play that I started retyping about 4 months ago. And one journal. Maybe it’s time to simplify this area.

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