Full Moon Walking

One of my many blessings is to live on a three dead-end road, personally designated as upper, lower and nearby off to the side. Not only that, there are no street lights, and even fewer houses. The lower dead end is down near a wilderness pond. This time of year, everything is froze up. The temperature right now is a worthy 24.4 F.

Day before day before yesterday, Zeus and I did our weekend jaunt to walk on water. Always a good hour long out and about. The past two nights, we have walked under the brilliance of the full moon, with shadows brighter than enough to see by. The snow scrunches under our feet. We walk through snow at the lower end while circling a filtering pond. The full moon blots out many of the overhead stars, but bright Orion marches on, leading the moon. Tonight was a bonus. It could have been snowing, but the clipper moved quickly on, leaving only the thinnest of clouds, vaguely veiling Orion, sparsely occluding the moon.

The way my Monday through Friday schedule works, combined with this season of the year, leaves me no daylight for weekday walking. So it is always dark, always at night, usually lit by the heavans above. Soon, in two weeks, it will be the darkness of only starlight. And that’s okay two. Zeus and I will be out, will be about.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Walking

  1. Sounds great. I also love to walk in the moonlight (or starlight). My favorite time of day is twilight – because I love the magic of watching the day turn to night. Especially where I live there is not a lot of lingering light after sunset – not like you get up north in summertime. So, there is truly a perfect hour when it started out day and ends up night – and I love to watch that transformation here in the Arizona desert. However, I have not forgotten about the magic of moonlight on a snowy landscape.

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