“A man’s better if he can do without at times.”
said by Wilson in Norman Mailers the NAKED and the DEAD,
page 93, 50th anniversary edition

I wonder what it is man could do with out to be better. Of course, the firsthing that always comes to mind is material possession. The more you have the more time it takes to keep up with what you have. What about feelings, the broaderange of emotions, the higher the valleys and deeper the peaks. The more you see, the less you know. Knowledge, wisdom, alwaysought, never achieved, only admired in others. What about religion and spirituality, is your faith within or without. Doing without means more dogmaticontrol. Doing within requires directed reflection.


4 thoughts on “tNatD

  1. You know R, there are several rich individuals who choose to live a homeless life. A simple life.
    Givin’ up what others feel are “life needs.” Truth is our needs are simple, we just make them complex. Dependency is a pattern.

    I participate in a process which requires me to give something up for a certain period of time. One day I thought about need vs want. I came to the conclusion that we purchase or do things based on want vs need. I still practice this mind approach towards things in my life. I believe in being rooted and centered.

  2. p. 38 Hennesy takes a rent in the helmet for desire.
    p. 79 “Shoddy Motives in people”
    p. 84 First Line – “Have gun”
    p. 237 “Natural Role of Man”
    p. 304 “The flower incident”
    p. 466 Hearn crosses river to control Croft and Brown’s squad.
    And of course, I find myself, Part(3):Chapt(1) pg 434 when CO Hearn leaves with no fore-knowledge of the men he will be working with. This is a great book you have chosen. I will attempt to discuss it also on my website, sometime. TNAND.
    Of course, I read ahead… but won’t spoil the end.

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