Ice Storm

We got clobbered by snow, then sleet, then rain, then freezing rain, and doses of rain to keep it all stirred up. Pretty much the death sentence for weakened trees near power lines. On the drive home, could see that the trees were soaked with ice, branches sagging towards gravity.

Got home, topped off the generator. Then dashedown to the nearby variety store for more gas. Along the way, drove down the worse road in town, after driving through several bent to their knees birch trees, and one huge puddle, now know how Moses felt when he parted the red sea :). The clerks at the store were grumbling about all the testosterone and their big trucks out cavorting in the storm. Passed several power company trucks, looking for why the power was out. Knew the night was not going to be bright.

Got home, within an hour, the power was out and would remain out for 24 hours. Fired up the generator and all waswell.

This is life livedeliberately.


2 thoughts on “Ice Storm

  1. Ice storms down South brought panic. People were not accostumed to power outages, generators and the like. Very interesting to compare the South and the Mid-west land I now call home.

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