Writing is Visual

I searched flickr using ‘writing’ and found this interesting image.

writing, originally uploaded by panta rhei.

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.” ~ Vladimir Nabakov

That is how I feel when I sit here. All day long, thoughtswirling, ripe forelease into paper, or onto this screen. Then I sit here, with less than what I came with.

Where is my Red Light Stopping piece? The writing exercise that will describe my daily commute. It’s not the going in life, but the imposed stopping. Controlled fully by red lights, less fully by stop signs. How long and how far in between each interruption oflow? Why stop at all? Why not just not go?

Then there is the swirling work on 7 Tools needed by every man. The five gallon bucket, leatherman, ductape, coat hanger, 10′ of rope, hatchet/hammer and shovel. The bucket is key, however, all seven elements are multifunctional.

I should just write or type. Oh wait, I am.


6 thoughts on “Writing is Visual

  1. A blank page is a perfect place. To write, to release, to get caught up in ……it’s like a magic carpet ride that you have no idea where you start nor where you end.

  2. What a great page. I remember being little and writing down a story – my hand not being able to keep up with my imagination…

    Where did that go?

  3. Dear SeasofSilver; Thank you for stopping by. I have a new onwriting posting coming soon. As soon as my mind finishes outlining it for me and the pen gets closer to the page.

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