Icencased birch tassle

Icencased birch tassle, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Much of the last (thankfully brief) ice storm was experienced in the dark, limiting photoppourtunities of the shimmering sparkling that icencased trees display. Choices were limited to flash or timexposures. Due to surface icing, I chose not to bring along the tripod, but should nextime. One shot seen, but not taken, was the moon’s reflection in the ice crystals of a puddle along the bottom loweroad.

This birch tree is in my front yard.

Out back, a pile of branches descended from the pine tree that lost both of its twin tops in the April 2007 gale. They are now frozen into the snowaiting for spring cleanup.

PS – I now own the URL change your bookmarks if you want too.


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