Winter Sun Rising

I see the world from here daily. Sunrising most Saturdays and Sundays.

Winter Sun Rising, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

The view from my study, east facing window, top right section, into my forest.

From left to right, bottom panes. Pane 1 far left, a birch tree growing away from the rock maple and pine tree. Panes 1/2 – the rock maple, my favorite tree. Why, every fall it turns to the most brilliant red. Panes 2/3 bottom, the small hump is the roof of the shed. What you don’t see on this shed is the two snow shovels, hanging on hooks like a pair of wind chimes. Panes 3/4 – the forest apple tree. When we first cleared the land, this apple tree had no other option than to grow straight up for light. Since clearing away the trees in front, it can now grow more outward into a tall traditional apple tree. There are still apples on it from last fall, providing food for the birds.

Top left panes – see the blue sky above the clearing. There was once a large pasture pine here that dominated the ground below. The stump is still there, albeit rotting lower everyear. The stump is nearly three feet wide. This tree was taken down before we bought the property, leaving this hole in the sky. Now, hardwoods are dominating the clearing.

Pasture pine defined. Thirtyears ago and more, this land was all scrub pasture. I was here then, winter hunting rabbits with my grandfather. We saw none, shot even less, but stomped around for several hours enjoying a winter day out and about. The pasture was no longer being utilized as such, so was returning back to nature. Now, I live here.

There are other views from here as well. To my right, the window looks due south, across WildThingII – the fifth wheel, then onto the road. The left northeast facing window, also to my front, looks down the tote road. Occassionally, and never enough, there have been deer and turkey. To my left, the north facing window, is the forest close in for shelter from the north-northwesterly winds that bring in the coldestemperatures. BTW, currentemperature is now 17.1F


2 thoughts on “Winter Sun Rising

  1. Beautiful photo. At my home in Minnesota I often get the same colors in the early morning, the oranges contrasting with the blues; I like that there’s just a little bit of orange through the trees – we aren’t blessed with so many trees.

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