Picture of the week

Zeus, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Picture of the week – exuberance equals applied enthusiasm

While I was shoveling the paths and tending to other outdoor chores, Zeus enjoyed the time charging through the snow. Never getting far enough away to worry about running off, but exploring his world, listening for my whistle. Then charging into me with a body block. I’ve learned to crouch to lower my center of gravity – saves the knees.

Saw U23D last night. http://www.u23dmovie.com/ A very worthy endeavor and experience. The footage washot at Mexico City, Santiago, and Buenos Aries. All the venues were outdoor stadiums. This tended to diffuse the energy somewhat. Indoor performanceseem to intensify the dynamics of the experience. However, this is an all thumbs up recommendation. “Turn it up, Captain!”


2 thoughts on “Picture of the week

  1. Sheer power, strength, agility and freedom. Captured in a playful moment where our hearts can be reminded of our youth. Snow angels, mud pies, rolly pollies, popsicles, icicles—-youth.

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