Things Learned – aka Sunday Random Thoughts

It has stopped snowing for the winter. Why do I know this? The part for my snowblower shipped and will be here next week. Son and I will be shoveling the tractor width path from the shed to the garage so we can get the tractor into the garage, nearer the tool cart and the part replaced this week.

Walking in warm snow – aka slush, defined as above freezing, is very good exercise for man and dog. The days of walking on the pond are numbered for this season. We have been out the last two days and come back huffing and puffing.

My new PDA, and HP iPAQ 211 is beyond the bleeding edge. To get it to synch with my desktop outlook, I need to upgrade my outlook to Version 2007. It seem$ to have a ca$h cow glitch programmed within. This after multiple failed attempts to get it to cooperate. That would have been a good thing to put into the program documentation and sales literature. (I still would have bought it.) Also, the Microsoft Reader program does not have a windows 6.0 for pocket pc. This is a bit disappointing because I was looking forward to loading up some e-books for this summer. The cool news is that I was able to sit in my favorite in town brewpub, hook into a local open wifi site, download and install the DST patch with no issues at all. I also downloaded the Microsoft Reader program, but it would not install, now known to be OS version incompatibility. The 2+ MB file download screamed, you could nearly hear the bites flying through the air.

Squeezing in more study time for my SPHR upgrade candidacy is needed.

Sitting here watching the sunrise while the west wind blows and gusts. Currentemperature at 32.2 F. More thawing today. The roof ice dams may let go. Low clouds to the south and east, with a thin ribbon of pale orange on the horizon.


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