Maine Wooden Boat Show

DSC_7905, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

One of the best personal boats in the show, certainly a model to consider in the future. The day was good, lightly snowing outside, boat lovers inside, thinking of summer days on the water.

This was my first time attending this show. While I have other project priorities for this year, in nearby future years, I would like to venture down this path.

I guess I should learn to sail first.


4 thoughts on “Maine Wooden Boat Show

  1. You need a boat. Boating is one of life’s more serene activities. Silently gliding through nature. I can’t remember anything more beautiful than time spent on our boat. Get one big enough to take Zeus. Ours loves to go.

  2. M – I kayak without swinmming lessons, but never without my life reserver.

    HR-MO – and that is why I want somethng more than my kayak, to have room for Zeus.

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