PDA – personal data ASSistant

I’ve always been enthralled by being logically organized. Throughout the years, I’ve used a variety of organizers, having had both the larger 8-1/2 x 11, its baby brother the 5-1/2 x 8. And of course, those hallmark pocket calendars perpetuated by the vendor support industry. Then along came the pocket pc pda pita. This one elevated my enthrallment to electronicool excitement. It would synchronize by therefore before independent microsoft outlook. So I got one.

Four years ago, I got the Dell Axim x50 PDA. Top of the line, quality color display, rhino case for when I would eventually drop it. (sidebar, I tried a borrowed palm pilot first. it did not survive the first drop from my shirt pocket to the bounce off of the concrete.) The Dell worked for many years, allowing many endless extended sessions of bubble breaker – its a game. Then there was the period of being lost. Found eventually under the front seat of a vehicle. Recharged the battery, returned to service. Admittedly, I also used it as a day planner, it did store my contacts, served as a personalog. I even used it once to register online (wifi feature) for a just announced state professional convention. The organizer was amazed by my prompt registration. Also, and this was my true favorite – I used the microsoft e-reader program so I could carry around ebooks with me. Then it seemed to die. I thought it was the batteries, so went through $everal of those to no avail. Dell no longer directly supported this line of products, having moved the platform to the next level with cellphone integration – a very full market.

I bought the HP iPAQ 211, top of the line, quality color display, wifi & bluetooth, and settled for the available carrying case. (the rhino added weight to the heft of the x50) The 211 is on the leading bleeding edge of technology. So far ahead of where I had been, that it would not synchronize with my current version of outlook. No, this PDA demanded that I upgrade to Outlook 2007. (Also, there is not yet a compatibile microsoft ereader version.) Which I did and the PDA still will not synchronize with my newest current version of outlook. I’ve nearly done it all, reloaded the active synch software, reset the PDA to factory settings (thus wiping out my few appointments, contacts and high bubble breaker scores). Having reached beyond my end of technicaliteracy, I turned the project over to my inhouse IT support staff, best known as my son.

I gave the old PDA to him with the caveat, he could have it if he could make it work. By the next day, he restored it to full functionality, taking it beyond where I had taken it……… So, I gave him my new PDA and turned him loose to divine the active synch problem. He couldn’t either. So, now I still have a new PDA, with limited usefulness. Since I factory reset it, it’s more useless than useful for the moment. Many, too many hours have been expended, but remain to be expended because there is no going back to relying on my cluttered memory.

In the mean time, it’s time to study for my professional certification upgrade.

And that’s the news from the Maine Forest Cafe, on the 23 of March, 2008. The sun is up, the sky is blue, the wind is blowing from the north, and the battery needs to be replaced in one of the weather station senors. It’s always something, usually something more. Oh, and now I have to learn how to use MSWord 2007. Thusally something more.


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