10 things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

Borrowed from http://wordsmithextraordinaire.wordpress.com/

1. Been up Mt Washingon, three ways, foot, train and truck.
2. Snow shoveled a three hundred foot driveway.
3. Caught stripers with a ‘pocket fisherman’.
4. Seen Boston at the original Boston Gardens.
4. Snorkeled through an underwater cave off the coast of Turkey.
5. Hiked overnight on a glacier in Norway.
6. Won the SAC Missile Combat Competition – Communications Maintenance Division.
7. Been on Mt Katahdin, alone on the top of Maine.
8. Dug and slept in a foxhole with an M16.
9. Carried a newborn from the delivery room to the nursery.
10. Walked on water.

What have you done that I haven’t?


3 thoughts on “10 things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

  1. 1. Went to Mexico solo for two months and immersed myself in the language, culture, art and life. Knew no one.Hiked in Gunajato, attended celebrations for saints, visited numerous churches, and understood what it meant to be a “gringa”.

    2. Gave birth to a 9lb. 2 oz. baby boy.

    3.Took a trip from OR, CA, WA, and white water rafted – which was a blast! Took a 6 class with a guide. One fella fell out of the boat and that was interesting.

    4. Sno skied- Angel Fire New Mexico, Wolf Creek colorado.Water skied in freezing water on a dare- fall month in Tennessee.

    5. Relocated thousands of miles away from family to make a living.

    That’s my humble attempt, not quite as impressive as your’s.

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