Mailboxes in Maine

Mailbox, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Mailboxes in Maine

Winter is harsh. Mailboxes are particularly susceptible to damage from snow plows, to cars sliding off the road, to snow blowers, and just general seasonal wear and tear. Yesterday, I did a driveby photo study of various mailboxes and the unique ways they are installed, both permanent and temporary.

This one mailbox is my own. I have picked up out of the plow drift three times this winter. It remains bungee strapped to the post. The post itself, having been smacked by the snow plow, is offset about 45 degrees to the left. This one looks like it belongs in Hobbitville.

On my Flickrpage, there is a set titled Spring in Maine. There are several more mailboxes there as well. The junk mail, homer bucket, birch log, and cinder block. What remains to be taken and added are the spare tire, mail truck, timber, dangling, and milk can. Amongst whatever other ones I find while driving.


5 thoughts on “Mailboxes in Maine

  1. Beautiful picture, but quite frankly I’m so tired of snow, I could cry. I may have to search for a bungee cord and a post stiffener, too. I absolutely love this photo, though! It’s everything a photo should be!

  2. The starkness of the snow releases the purity of the background. But alas, the snow has been slowly thawing away, gentlyielding spring. Thank you for stopping through my paradise.

  3. I don’t have my own mailbox at the end of the street here as I did in my last place. And I missed it UNTIL

    …until it was time to shovel it out. Now I get my mail at a common area which someone else shovels.

    True…Beautiful picture, though.

  4. Sums up life- sometimes there is purity and utter chaos that happen simultaneously. Life is never dull. There are many times that we dig ourselves out, pick ourselves up and stand up a little crooked- least til we get our legs back underneath us!

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