Bitter is not a bad word

Caveat and disclaimer. I do not intend to write often on politics. But this is an opportunity to dialogue the correct use of one word.

Bitter: extracted from

3. Difficult or distasteful to accept, admit, or bear:
4. Proceeding from or exhibiting strong animosity:

Democratic presidential hopeful BO used this word to candidly and eloquently speak his truth. The other two candidates, JM & HC, seized the moment to spin the opportunity.

Unfortunately, BO faltered from his message of hope, telling the electorate who was to blame for their problems. Through the correct use of ‘bitter’, he pointed and wagged his finger squarely back to the voters, letting them know the truth – you are also at fault, you have failed to seize your opportunities, you are not in a protected class, I have nothing, no hope for you.

BO’s response further weakened his message of hope through by using the “IF’ word. If, is the most powerful two letter word in the english language, for once again, it redirects responsibility, accountability and obligations back to the ‘want to become’ victim, denying them their protected class card.

The democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They could, and should, very easily win this election through the synergy of collaborative cooperation. Instead, they wag their fingers at each other, scoldingly telling us their truth. Let the voter beware. Be careful what you hope for.


2 thoughts on “Bitter is not a bad word

  1. As a democrat – I agree that the race has turned very sour. Its sad that there can’t be more cooperation between the two candidates. But – I don’t think that the word ‘cooperate’ and ‘politics’ are anywhere near each other no matter what party.

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