Offshored web page content

My fifth wheel, Wild Thing II, needs new feet. The current ones sank into the parking pad over the winter and are now noticeably curved. Not to worry, very easily replaced, even when taking the four large concrete blocks and 4×4 wood timbers into consideration. But I digress. While researching and shopping on line, I found this product description for replacement feet.

Made from #7 standard of measurement set nerve, the external pad edges won’t flex regular whenever struck again and again on severe surfaces. The adjustable posture is the degree sizing and potency as the standard padder positive adds perpendicular accommodation by as a great deal as 3/4″ in the place of hone last leveling outside of extraneous acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Key features
Eliminates house trailer sinking feeling and the demand to pack cumbrous natalie wood blocks!
Our jumbo sizing spacious immoral footpads ar the hone reply.
Spreads the trailer’s weighting proportionately and eliminates sinking feeling in diffuse rise up provisions.

Here is another ad’s description: “These foot pads are solid as a rock! Foot pads help if your trailer begins sinking. Our jumbo size broad base footpads are the perfect answer. Made from #7 gauge steel, the outer edges won’t bend even when struck repeatedly on hard surfaces. Their extra large 8″ x 5-1/4″ footprint spreads the trailer’s weight proportionally and eliminates sinking in soft surface conditions.”

Methinksomething got lost in the offshored translation?


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