20080527 a day in the life of

8:17 AM I have decided that today is a day one day, first day of a day at a time. Along with day one, I will try to be kind to all, if not many, and limit the dripping sarcasm. Wondering if this is a good idea. 38 words.

8:46 AM – this would be easier with out people. WC55

9:51 – eight minutes for a three minute cold call. So much for my coffee break. WC70

11:06 AM Coffee is still cold. 401K for the year, 11 weeks in the red (losses), 10 weeks in black (gains). Overall, still up more than down. WC95


2 thoughts on “20080527 a day in the life of

  1. Patience is a much admired, highly elusive quality for me. I too often think life would be easier without people, but then when I get all holed up for a while, inevitably I find I miss the contact and come out seeking contact. Maybe the thing is that I wish I more often had the opportunity to seek others out than have an incessent, unpredictable barrage of people who thrust themselves on me at any/all moments, requiring attention, mindspace, me. I have a love/hate relationship with this. If it’s not there I seek it out and when it is there, I dream about banishing it.

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