Swirling Ideas

Extracting myself from the trappings of leaping from one idea through another idea on the way to the next idea. I shouldn’t have been doing this right now, but the intellectual exposure is too great of a titallating enticement. Just this morning, I started off on LibraryThing.com, leaped through their portal to learn about the Library Bar in LA (http://librarybarla.com/menu.html – someday I will take the moment to learn how to this right) – awesome beer list by the way, back to LibraryThing, tripped into Loose Cannon Librarian @ http://loosecannonlibrarian.net/ (copy and paste to advance there – you can do that can’t you?), and into a book titled, The World Without Us, which looped back into LibraryThing @ http://www.librarything.com/work/2141148 .

Now it is time to push away the keyboard, set aside the mouse, and turn to my voluntarily selected & self-imposed obligation of studying for my SPHR examination scheduled for next Saturday morning, June 7, 2008 @ 9 AM, in South Portland, Maine. What was I thinking? I could have been readingood books.


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