SPHR & How To Think

I passed yesterday. After a 10? session long class, followed by an immersion studying period. I went into the examination with confidence, 100% sure that I would either pass or fail. Being the linear kind of guy that I am, I completed the examination sequentially, marking no questions to return to, to rue and ruminate over. Start to finish took 2.5 hours. Several moments later, the results status appears – Pass. In several weeks, I get the official score.

Now, on and back to other things – How to Think

Ed Boyden is an assistant professor in the MIT Media Lab. His lab broadly invents new tools to engineer brain circuits, in order to treat intractable disorders, augment cognition, and better understand the nature of existence.

1. Synthesize new ideas constantly.
2. Learn how to learn (rapidl).
3. Work backward from your goal.
4. Always have a long-term plan.
5. Make contingency maps.
6. Collaborate.
7. Make your mistakes quickly.
8. write up best-practices protocols.
9. Document everything obsessively.
10. Keep it simple.

He concludes his blog entry with two practical notes, logarithmic time planning, “events that are close at hand are scheduled with finer detail than events that are far off”. And, conversational summaries, “useful to write and draw while talking with someone,”.

Thinking, think about it.

Citation: Boyden, E. S. “How to Think.” Ed Boyden’s Blog. Technology Review. 11/13/07. (http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/boyden/21925/).



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