My First Smoker

I have one now. To compliment my general purpose barbecue. I’ve never had one or done one before. So this was my first time. What I have now is a Cabela’s 7:1 outfit. I think 4 of the 7 are fuel sources, and the other 3 of the seven are configuration in nature. The technical documentation doesnt’t make that clear.

So, I spent five hours today, smoking a two – three hour brisket. I kept the temperature conservative for the first four hours, while I watched the dual remote thermometer track the cooker and meat temperatures. For the last hour, I got aggressive on the temperature. In between, I basted – mopped, the meat while monitoring all the vital parameters.

At the end, we had a pretty good brisket. Certainly opportunities for improvement. Specifically, more less conservative temperature control.

The adventure continues.

WC 136


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