Going Renewable

Well, I am on my quest to go energy renewable. Let it be known that this is independent from any politically quest, although parallel with, to go carboneutral. I live in the northeast. Well, call it Maine. Up here, the tradition has been to heat with fuel oil, zoned houses, and baseboard (modern radiator) heat. Typically, I use 900 gallons of the petroleum stuff. At now $4.65/gallon, doing the math, the ROI for alternative, the new primary, sources of heat deserve to be explored. The rule of thumb ROI, at current rates for electricity and fuel oil, for my evolving intentions, is 5 – 10 years.

What I envision is replacing my fuel oil furnace with a geothermal/heat pump system. This may involve ripping out all the existing radiators (baseboard), and replacing them with ducted central air. There are bonuses involved, besides selling off the copper piping. I will have both central heat and central air conditioning.

Concurrent with this system upgrade, I will also be adding solar panels, wind generator, and probably battery storage systems.

The concept is sound. The feasibility study now begins.


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