Geothermal, Early August Update

Well, the good things are going on.

We met with the distributor week before last. His role in the process is to design a system that meets our needed capacity. For a 2500 square foot colonial, two stories, full basement and a finished bonus room over the garage: 4 ton system with 3 wells. He then sent this design off to an authorized installer in my local region.

On Monday, the local paper publishes an article about the need to regulate geothermal installations – vaguely citing failed installation – one with salt water contamination, another with ground water freon contamination. You can read this article titled Tackling risks of thermal systems Portland Press Herald website.

The article says nothing on the tremendous green potential of geothermal. Instead, it may serve to perpetuate false fears. Specifically, the staff graphic that shows “cold refrigerant” circulating through the ground loops. As I understand, this is old and obsolete technology for a reason. That reason being, water works, water is safe, water will be circulating through my system. Reading between the lines and the readers comments online reveals what is being left unsaid. Beyond public safety is the realization that the government can’t tax free energy. That my friends is reason enough to get even more off and away from the grid.

By mid-week, the authorized installer calls me. To work up an improved working quote, he needs to know the depth to bedrock. Since I do already have a well, this data may be stamped into the well cap. The depth to bedrock shows how much well casing will be needed, and is a significant cost $16 or $32 per foot. So I get home, pull the lighthouse off of the well cap, exterminate the ants nest, pull off the well cap, and find the data fields – empty. Fortunately authorized installer has experience with this situation and has a Plan B at the ready. Using maps of my local area that identify bedrock depths, he can guess with experience.

By late week, we coordinate the site visit for mid next week. Besides the excitement is the trepidation of extending my home equity line of credit. NOW! After all, credit these days is extended only to well qualified borrowers.

I get on the phone, apply for the extension online. Due to the new true due diligence of the home loan business, an appraisal is required. It is completed in a brief twenty minutes Saturday morning. We walk through the house and point out all the home improvements completed in the past eight years. I anticipate no problems.

Thunderumbling, time to go. Next update by midmonth!



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