Geothermal Update – Mid August

The installation visit went well, twice. Prime contractor brought back ventilation subcontractor for a walkabout. The wells are going exactly where I expected the would go. Yes, wells.

System design features – three wells to 266 feet. Five ton water furnace, Installation to start after Labor Day. Installation completion – by, in and around the end of the month.

I ask for referrals, get two who are willing to talk about their recent installations. The following questions were asked, with answers briefly summarized.

1. Why did you choose to go to geothermal? To quit paying the escalating cost of fuel oil.

2. Would you do it again? Yes

3. What would you do differently? Have central heat and air ducting installed into the house when built, not as a retrofit project.

4. How did the installation go? Smoothly, AH – the contractor is on his game. Reliable support, communications, follow-up – a true quality job. The most recent installation took only two weeks from start to completion.

5. How is the system working so far? Better than expected.

Common caveat. None have yet to experience a winter season of heating. However, we each and all have a high degree of confidence in the expected successful results. The Canadians and Europeans have been doing this for years. But only time will tell.

Both, well all three of us, are looking further toward using solar for the electrical supply. Totally, natural, sustainable, non-polluting.

Tomorrow – sign for the home equity loan extension. Have more than enough available credit to fund the project.

Soon – sign the contract, with a 25% down payment.



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