I normally don’t and won’t post entries from my daily Tao reading. Part of the reason for this is to avoid copyright violation. However, every can’t, don’t and won’t allows exceptions. My exception follows.

Why mourn for a cocoon
After the butterfly has flown?

Death is the plot and theme of TAO.220.THRESHOLD. Either I don’t understand the intent of what was written, or, as I do, I don’t understand and accept the premise as presented. Both options are possible.

Death is permanent and forever. There is no return. The only perceived escape is to live a life of daily fulfillment. Tomorrow will come again, unless death comes today. Thus, each day, each moment we stand at the threshold. Fulfillment provides peace. Live daily, achieve fulfillment.

For the purpose of clarification and further reflection, I looked up three words that emerged to me:
Threshold: the place or point of beginning
Fulfillment: Fulfill: to bring into actuality
Pastoral: charmingly simple and serene, idyllic

Thresholds are portals between the known and unknown – bifurcation points. My first mental image comes from science fiction movies, most likely a Star Trek movie or show. Within the hallway, safety lies. But curiosity or a pending perceived threat drives us to open doors. What lies on the other side? A door is opened, we instantly grab the frame to avoid falling into a vast streaming and screaming void.

Or we don’t open any doors. Never knowing. Fears persist unacknowledged and unrevealed. The safe stability of sameness masks stagnation. We stay in the cocoon, safe from ourselves. Small deaths daily. Never knowing or becoming the freedom of the butterfly.

Open another door. Previous unknown, yet seeked, serenity is revealed. The image is pastoral. A forest with warm misty sunbeams. Moss colored and covered stones reveal a path towards a tumbling wispy waterfall. The brook babbles, gurgles and burbles onward. In an opening, the granite bench beckons. A nearby stump serves as a table. On this table sits a glass of white wine. Delicate, with a crispy understated savory sweetness – can only be a Riesling. Sit, sip, be.

Seek this threshold often



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