YIMBY – Geothermal Update

Stake marks the spot, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Yes, in my back yard. The stake marks the center point for my three geothermal wells.

There has been an ongoing, justified, national dialogue on where we should be drilling for additional energy resources. The conversation typically focuses on off-shore drilling for oil. Typical, and not unexpectedly so, there are two distinct camps, NEVER v NOW.

The Nevers recall with great passion the faults of the past. Those faults have become the present lessons learned into best practices applied. Our fragile environment must be protected with robust, yet practical, methods. As is being done. The Nevers have a sub-fraction that involves view rights.

The Nows are really saying, we should have drilled five to ten years ago, and we would have less of a problem today. Well, today comes with every tomorrow, and eventually tomorrow will bring the exhaustion of nonrenewable resources.

Alternative energy resources, to state the obvious, are typically thought of as solar and wind. Another natural resource that is scarcely mentioned at all is geothermal. Right now, the sun is not shining enough yet (it’s 6:45 AM and the sun has yet to rise above my forest) to provide any effective renewable resource. The air is still, no wind turbine would be turning. But the ground has a constant stable temperature that with a water furnace aka heat pump, will yield residential heating, cooling and hot water preheating.

So Yes In My Back Yard. Grant me access to this renewable resource in such a way that is fully sustainable, always yielding an energy resource that will never be exhausted, will be always present, in my back yard. Visit My Flickr for pictures as the project progresses.

The drilling starts Wednesday, September 3, 2008.



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