Loon in the Mist

DSC_4448, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

This picture is one in my series on Sunrises at South Arm. Taken last month while camping in western Maine. I’m up early every morning. This gives me the quiet time of early morning to myself for reading, writing, and in this case – photography. Most of the pictures in the study were taken at my campsite. Several few were taken at a nearby empty campsite – because it was available. See MyFlickr for the full study.

I get told, more often than occassionally, that I could be, perhaps should be, a professional photography. That would either be in addition to, or in place of my day job. Truth be told, my day job is a service to others calling, not a full blown personal passion that some jobs can become. With photography, I can show the different world that I see.

I don’t deny the passion for photography. In fact, I embrace the passion for the opportunities to share my different view of the world. With that said, starting Monday evening, I will be taking a course at the Maine College of Art on the utilization of DSLRs. Finally, a guided introduction to my equipment. Hopefully, with opportunities for shared exercises and experiences. With opportunities for further courses to take on technique and composition.

Going professional has implications, expectations, and questions. What’s my genre? Who is my audience? Printing, framing, marketing, price points. Research and reflection required.

WC 244


One thought on “Loon in the Mist

  1. Amazing photos!!! I’m eager to hear how the DSLR class helps. Your photos are amazing already…..if you get any better I’ll literally turn green with envy!

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