Third well going in

Geothermal Update

Third well going in, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

A lot has been going on over the past week since returning from vacation.

About a week ago, the waterfurnace was delivered. 5 ton capacity. Weight of about 500 pounds. The contractor strengthened my cellar steps to ensure they wouldn’t collapse under the load. Three additional boxes of ancillary equipment came along as well.

Met with the sheet metal contractor and installation contractor. Sited furnace and backboard wall location.

Made and installed the backboard wall myself. Brief Saturday project.

Yesterday and today, the well drillers have been on site. Three wells drilled to 266 feet. Circulating loops installed. Ruts in the backyard. Granite mud from drilling through ledge covers the the back corner of the backyard. Sheet metal guy shows up for final measurements to fabricate the duct works.

Tomorrow, primary contractor on site to take the loops below grade and into basement.

Next week, duct work installation, electrical work completed, furnace connected, configured and checked out. Very concievably, this project may be done in about ten more days.

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