Today’s idea is on photography themes integrated with the world.

It’s 6:43 AM. I sat here an hour ago, while it was still dark. Since that time, the sky has lightened through sunrise at 6:30 AM. Some neighbor’s dog is barking in the near distance. Zeus OS is firmly and comfortably cuddled in my reading recliner. The sky through the forest is pastel orange. I have pictures to take today.

My idea is sunsets and sunrises at the equinoxes and solstices. The sunrise, if I can pull this off, will be taken from the top of a nearby state park. The view is from up and above. The sunsets will be from another nearby height above the land, with a western exposure.

Sunrise is at 6:32 AM. I will be up at 5, leave by 5:30 for a short drive, short hike and be up on top for pre, during and post pictures. Sunset is at 6:43 AM. Apparently, these are all local times as calculated based on positional longitude and latitude by my virtual weather station software. Visit Thor’s Hill for online weather details.

Come back soon to see if this happened.


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