Yesterday’s idea (yes, I remain one day in arrears) was to use my truck as a brush hauler.

With great reluctance, I was cutting down two shade trees in my front yard. Why? They were both oaks and disease stricken with wilt. Within one week they had gone from vibrant green to fading shades of white. Promptness was a necessity. Leaving them up exposed other oaks to the same malady.

Due to a confluence of external events, I was to have no help with this chore. Normally, one person cuts and the other hauls brush to the burn pile. An efficient rhythm is established. With no help, and not feeling like cutting and then endlessly dragging, I backed my truck up, loaded and drove over to the burn pile. It’s not that far away, say 150 feet if not less, but my idea worked to expedite chore completion. It took two hours from chainsaw start to the final transfer.

My front yard is emptier now. And more sunny.

WC 168


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