365.11 Untouched by human minds

Is it possible that our current situation has come from the excess of too much automated decisions?

I think so.

Mortgages were granted solely on credit score analysis only. No verification of employment or income. Critical decisions were made in, as advertised, 30 seconds or less. Untouched by human minds.

Wall Street trading, aka gaming, better known as gambling, is highly programmed. This index, this sector, this economic report, this stock, drops below a certain level and massive, en masse, sell-offs occur automatically. Untouched by human minds.

Here in my state, an energy commodity has tax increases automated, solely by the rate of measured inflation, without any regard for economic consequences. Untouched by human minds.

We have become so mentally lazy that we design automated decisions without regard for their consequence. Untouched by human minds.

We need to put an experienced human mind back in charge of our world. Or else life becomes a simple computer game. Untouched by human minds.

“Want to play a game?” War Game with Matthew Broderick, when thermonuclear war was the game. Now the game is thermonuclear finance. Untouched by human minds.


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