365.12 A Day Without Email

A day without email. I’m either going to call people, or walk down the hall to see them.

I would do this today, but I have already sent out emails.

So, this may become a weekly Thursday experiment.

Do I have your number?


2 thoughts on “365.12 A Day Without Email

  1. Does this mean I can expect you to walk down the hall tomorrow morning to see me?? 🙂 Or you could just find a Mrs. Potato Head and pretend it’s me.

    Good luck with the no e-mail thing. I’ll try really hard to resist the urge to e-mail you every 3 minutes. (But no promises!)

  2. So, how did it turn out?
    Well, I can’t do my daily obligations
    while ignoring one channel of communicaitons.
    But I did collect data for metrics.
    15 emails resd
    3 responded to
    4 forwarded
    5 printed
    3 sent

    Did not count how many were received and will get read tomorrw.

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