365.14 Pilot Test

Some of my pictures are great shots. Worthy of sharing, which I do. Are they worthy of selling? Some say yes, I say I’m not sure. Stepping towards to realm of photography for profit adds a level of trepidation. So, I’m taking that step.

Next month, my sister and father are attending a craft fair to sell their crafts. I’m going to ask them for a corner of their table for some pictures. I have selected five. Am having them matte finished printed. Will put them into stock matts that compliment the picture. Simple. Pricing point will be @ material cost, printing & matting, recovery.

Check back next month for results.



2 thoughts on “365.14 Pilot Test

  1. Well, I was going to do test prints through shutterfly to target for local pick-up. My intentions remain size five by seven with matte finish. Target only does four by six with glossy finish, so now exploring flickr options.

    It does look like I’ll be ordering five each of the five selected. Small ri$k.

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