365.18 Paper Columns

I keep a daily running b/log at work. The left page is the daily to do list. The right page is the daily time log, activities by time, with interruptions and distractions noted as well. The right side has been running over to the next page. This leaves a blank page in between daily entries, wasting one page daily.

Today, I am beta testing columnizing the left page. I have already measured and marked a dividing line. We’ll see how this works.


948 am – so far, so good, the day is young.


Friday update. I did it two days in a row, minor necessary tweaks on day two. I don’t like it. Beta testerminated.



One thought on “365.18 Paper Columns

  1. How’s it look now?

    (I think I’m gonna need a picture….I’m having problems visualizing this. And if it works will you e-mail me the format?? As if I need to be more OCD at work! LOL!)

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