Geothermal Update

MMMMM, data! Speak to me, reveal your secrets, show me your trends.

Data points collectedaily: House electrical consumption, geothermal system consumption (has its own meter 🙂 ), average temperature, heating/cooling degree days.

Data benchmarks: Last year’s monthly daily average electrical consumption and average temperature.

Calculated data: daily electrical consumption – house, geo & total, difference from last year, average, sum, cost and standardeviation.

October 6 – 31, 2008
Geo KW 580
Geo Cost $57.85
Oil Equivalent $220.37 (at the contract rate)
For oil to be competitive, the price per gallon would have to be $1.22

A week from today, hosting an open house for interested parties. Most of the neighborhood, some beyond.



2 thoughts on “Geothermal Update

  1. What??? You’re having an open house and I’m not invited??


    Just kidding!

    Sweet savings!! (Not to mention being green and really cool.) Do you have an estimate of when it will have paid for itself?

  2. You are always invited,with or without an invitation.

    The ROI has several factors. The economic one depends on the value of oil. The emotional one is the freedom from dependence on oil.

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