Second Tuesday in November – the live blog

8 PM
Well, we’ve been out for dinner, to another location beyond our usualocation. Dirty jobs are on the tv. The first segment is on leech trapping.

We voted one week ago yesterday. Our young’un voted this morning on the way into work.

Let’s see what else is going on tonight?


8:09 pm The prime holiday catalogue was delivered today – B&H photo supply.


The polls are closing now in Maine. Here in my enclave, McCain carried the house with three electoral votes. Wonder how that is going to translate into the town, county, district and state results.


8:16 pm – ten views on the blog, no comments or compliments.

8:23 pm – Maine for Obama with 0% precinct reporting….

8:30 New Hampshire to Obama. McPain for John. Truth be told, and history bears this out, we toggle back and forth between the two parties at the presidential level. The pendulum swings as the ax falls.

8:33 pm On Dirty Jobs, they were frying and eating leeches.

BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Betcha just learned something new.


8:36 still no precincts reporting in maine

Senator Collins now has 3 total votes in Maine so far.

8:41 PA to the big O, guess the bitter folks left their guns and religions where?

8:45 PM Maine results, McCain 17, Obama 8. Ahh, if it will only stay that way.

8:51 PM When all is said, when all is done, despite two years of electioneering, we can be proud of our republican democracy. The absence of violence speaks volumes. Now, if we can get out of the two year running for office thing. Stay on and do your job. It’s the last year that counts, if even that much.

9:10 pm States I’ve lived in that are going to McCain – Alabama, North Dakota, & Wyoming.

9:36 Time for bed, have to get @ 5 AM, when America goes to work.


2 thoughts on “Second Tuesday in November – the live blog

  1. @8:51PM comment….I said (almost word for word) the same thing to Mr. Spuds earlier tonight. Great minds must think alike…even if we vote differently on occasion.

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