Inspired by a friendly potatoe.

“Self first is not selfish” ~ RMSJr

How often, too often, are we sucker choiced into doing things for the greater good, for others, at the expense of self? There is a significant difference between with neither extreme to be occupied exclusively at the exclusion of the other. Some things, done well, for self first, contribute for the greater good.

Case study: My geothermal system. Done for my own purely self first economic and emotional interests. It does have greater good implications, Go Green-reduce carbon footprint, and reducing the demand for oil reduces the price for oil (note the recent collapse in the global value for oil – that was me, not we 😉 )while increasing national independence from foreign oil. blahblahblahblahblahblah. I did it for my own independence from the maddening global market place forces. Whom I kidding, I took the demand for several jobs out of the economy as well – oil delivery truck driver, oil burner service technician, oil company customer service representative and oil company overhead support, (the recent surge in unemployment wasn’t me, I had nothing to do with it.) But, in my defense, all these jobs have been replaced with retail impact – every six months, I have to replace the air filter. Unless I use the self checkout lane, cashier clerk presence will be required. Back to self first.

Only when we are whole our selves can we be in this time, space and place for others. Anything less is enabled subsistence.

“Self first is not selfish” ~ RMSJr



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