365.22 The HR Five-Foot Shelf of Books

The HR Five-Foot Shelf of Books – benchmarked from The Harvard Classics – The Five-Foot Shelf of Books.

Collecting inputs from HR peers, will start posting the list here this weekend. Stay tuned.

Going on the premise that each book is one inch, five feet is sixty inches, thus 60 books will be listed. Each contributor will be credited.

2008.11.15 Update – Here is the list so far, 31 books. Do have some formatting issues to visit and resolve for simple copying/pasting. Also missing about 15-20 inputs received via email that were unintentionally purged.

I just now realized that I left off the inputs from another resource, BRB!

Critical Conversations (wbr sphr)
The Future of Human Resource Management (Losey et al) (wbr sphr)
Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People (wbr sphr)
The Path to Tranquility (Daily reflections) by the Dali Lama (wbr sphr)
Discipline without Punishment (Midwest HR)
Leader’s Legacy (Midwest HR)
Crucial Confrontations (Midwest HR & Dan Johnson)
Good to Great (HR-MO & Mark)
Making Your HR Dept a Profit Center (anonymous)
Getting Things Done (anonymous)
Management of Organizational Behavior by Hersey & Blanchar (RMSJr)
Primal Leadership by Goleman (RMSJr)
First, Break All The Rules by Buckingham et al. (RMSJr)
Leading Change – Kotter (HRD)
Break the rules yadda (HRD)
the Leadership challenge – Kouzez (HRD)
Take Back Your Life (using Outlook) – McGhee (HRD)
Pay People Right – Zingheim (HRD)
Human Resource Management – Mathis (HRD)
Hire with Your Head (HR-MO)
Getting to Yes – the Art of Negotiation (HR-MO)
The Inner Game of Work (HR-MO)
Analyzing Performance Problems: Or, You Really Oughta Wanna (HR-MO)
The Skilled Helped (HR-MO)
Mandated Benefits (good reference guide for all states) (Midwest HR)
QBQ: Question Behind the Question by John Miller (Fargo)
Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (Fargo)
Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell (Fargo)
Machavelli’s The Prince (Fargo)
The Oz Principle (Mark)
The 5 Dysfunctions of Team (Mark)



2 thoughts on “365.22 The HR Five-Foot Shelf of Books

  1. Cool list! (As if I need more books! ;-))

    I was scanning the list and my brain merged these two:
    Take Back Your Life
    Pay People Right

    My brain turned them into one book: “Pay Your People Back”

    LOL! Maybe we should write that one?

  2. I need to come back to this one, update with other provided inputs, and perhaps end with a complete catalogue of my own HR books collection to see what I have and what I need to read.

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