365.24 I am not alone

Today, on Garrion Keillor’s The Writers Almanac, he announced that it is the birthday of another Maine author, John Crowley. Not that I am author per se, but do dabble at writing more or less words than may be necessary.

Clicking on John Crowley’s name took me to his blog. Mr. Crowley’s website includes a link to The Five Foot Shelf, aka The Whole Five Feet. Which is archived here.

Apparently, Christopher Beha completed in one year what I intermittently dabble at – reading the Harvard Classics. I’m still in the introductory lectures, need to take the time to write my reflections and reactions to what was read. Stuff like another three ways to read a book and drama, wanting to see multiple productions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

A quick journey through even more reading. Mr. Crowley’s blog and his books about Maine, and Mr. Beha’s blog and his journey through the Harvard Classics.

Lunch time is over, back to the weekly mundane and then some.



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