squirrel stash

squirrel stash, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

Walking through my forest yesterday, while working on getting Zeus OS to return to the property, I found this squirrel stash in the top of a rotting stump. About 50 feet away is the forest apple tree.

I call it that becasue normally apple trees grow in a large bush style whereas this one is tall and gangly. It had no choice, it was growing surrouded by a forest and to survive had to strive straight up for light. Now that some of the forest is cleared away, it has started bushing out as it can. But I digress.

This fall, I have been watching the red squirrels harvest apples. Not only the drops, but they have gone up the tree after them. Then they scampered away into the forest. Mind you, while these are not large apples, they are as big as, if not bigger, than the squirrel’s head. I wonder where else they have stashed apples for later in the winter? Probably under the tractor shed.


One thought on “squirrel stash

  1. One Response to “20081211”
    that is so cool! are they still able to eat them or are they frozen? Now I’m worried about the squirrels.

    jensmack said this on December 20, 2008 at 12:40 pm (edit)

    I’m not sure. I am going to keep on eye them throughout the winter.

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