Meditation thoughts

Book 2009.1 read this morning. jack kornfield’s meditation for beginners. Comes with six guided meditations on audio CD; for insight, inner clariity and cultivating a compassionate heart. It has been in my library for awhile, never fully read. Being the forever busy American, I short cutted straight to the audio CD. Now that I read all of it’s words, have learned more.

Selected quotes:

Chapter 4 “We could live more fully with a lot less thinking.”
Chapter 11 “This is of course, the essence of meditation.” ‘This’ being stated in the previousentence, “… to be where you already are.”
Chapter 13 “An attitude of childlike openness will help you discover the truth of your life in the present moment.”

Beyond what is on the CD, is reinforcing explanations for what works and why. Also of interest are the mediations on walking, eating and social responsibility. All heart, mind, eye and soul openers.

A brief read with life long implications.

To be read again.



One thought on “Meditation thoughts

  1. Interesting. I think I must have this 🙂

    Meditative walking is an excellent way for someone to ease into meditation – someone who, um, lacks the ability to be still w/o falling asleep, hehe.

    And if you’d like a little more of a jolt for your energy try Chi Walking. Tad different. Still interesting.

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