As if I don’t need another 365 quest. 365 Maine blogs. Why didn’t I think of this before?

Maine is my favorite place to be, write, and think about; trumping – in no particular order HR, photography, books, thinking, and ideas.

My first 365 Maine blogs is Birding in Maine. My path to discovery was a wandering click stream. I was reading a friend’s blog, she is near enough to be considered to be in Atlanta, Georgia. I was reading the comments and compliments on one of her posting, clicking each poster to see their blog. Then what to my wandering appeared, a blog with a sidebar entry from a North Yarmouth blog. North Yarmouth is nearly the next town over, Pownal stands between us.

The top line posting on the North Yarmouth blog was a story about the Friday night business fire on Route One in Yarmouth. I saw the smoke to this fire as I was passing by on I95 on my way home from a UMaine Hockey game. Turns out, my brother the fire fighter responded to this blaze under the coordinated cooperation of mutual aid.

Anyhow, all this wandering led to the discovery of this wonderful resource. And it is now the #1 blog in my 365 Maine Blog Quest. From my desk, while typing this, I can look down on my own bird feeder, purchased at the Wild Bird Center of Yarmouth, one of the businesses destroyed in the blaze. In the snowing snow, I have seen the first cardinal pair of 2009. The feeder, mounted on a post with a squirrel guard provides much needed distractions, entertainment and enjoyment. I hope that WBCofY had adequate business insurance to carry them through this undeserved disruption and opens again very soon.

Caveat, the number 365 while it may look like the number of days in the year does not represent a daily posting.


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