Shovel Ready

Pretty much the current political buzz word as President-elect Obama calls on Congress to get to work on an economic stimulus package that focuses on roads and bridges.

Bridges ought to be the priority, for as we have tragically experienced, they are either poorly maintained or designed, and then overloaded and fall down. They ought not to be bridges to no where.

Roads, some are at and over traffic capacity. Some chronically and always, others – depends on the time of day. I know my commute on I295 from Portland to the third Freeport exit would be better with a third lane for the wanna be NASCARacers. As it stands now, the left lane takes all the nose-to-tail, passing traffic, leaving the right lane for us calm, sedate, and rational drivers.

A lot of Americans are losing their job. Primarily in the financial, then retail, then automotive sectors. Can’t be a trader on Wall Street anymore, here’s your shovel. No more consumer economic engine = less cash register attendants, here’s your shovel. Excess automobile inventory, fly the fat cats to Washington in private jets, beg for dollars, shutter some plants, here’s your shovel. We have shovel ready money for you.

Here in Maine right now, it is snowing. Nature’s way of providing shovel, plow and snow blower ready economic stimulus. Later this afternoon, I will be shoveling, then blowing, then shoveling some more. The National Weather forecast has snow through Wednesday.

The economic stimulus is slight. At most, gas will be consumed then reserves topped back off for the next storm. The snowblower is fixed for the season, however, I really ought to finish repairing the front augur transfer assembly. The gears are stripped. That way, the next time the current gears strip out, I will an available spare. The first gears lasted five years or more. So I have about five years to get around to it. Snow shovels, about five or more on hand in the current inventory. One hangs on the shed. another is positioned in the garage. The remaining spares are in the shed.

I am shovel ready. Hear me buzz.


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