Andrew Wyeth Tribute

The Olson Farmhouse, Cushing, Maine, site of Christina’s World.

DSC_1033, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

The Painter of the People, Andrew Wyeth, died Friday. With many, I share the sense of collective loss. One of Maine’s adopted sons has passed to a greater light. Maine shared AW with Chadd Fords, Pennsylvania. His presence in Maine supports the true conclusion that no one is really from away, there is a little of Maine in all of us.

My first exposure to AW, and the then newer Farnsworth Art Museum, was in the early 70s. Mr. Brown of Freeport High School guided a field trip to Rockland with a side trip to Cushing. Later in life, by three decades, my wife, son and I went to the companion gallery of Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Last May, I revisited the Olson House in Cushing. See my Andrew Wyeth Tribute Flickr set for more images.

Andrew was the middle of a trio of American painters. Father N.C., and son Jamie. Fathers & sons, grandfather through grandson. All equal with their own unique eye and brush stroke.

I have one Wyeth framed print in the house, Master Bedroom. A very popular print showing a yellow lab sleeping on his master’s bed. I am living this print right now. My yellow lab, Zeus Ocean Storm, is curled up and sleeping in his master’s reading chair.

Andrew Wyeth, you will be missed, you will always endure.


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