Red Cardinal in Flight

Subtitle Advancing in Photography

Red Cardinal in Flight, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

I started more serious photography with the Canon AE-1 about thirty years ago. Even before that, I had one of those pocket cameras with the drop in film cartridge. That documented my three week trip through Denmark, Sweden and Norway – where I attended the Boy Scout International Jamboree.

With the AE-1, I had the full package of flash, lenses and PASM. Lazily, I over-relied on P. Film developing costs were always a restrictive.

Digital has cured all those woes. I am now on my fifth digital camera, settling on the Nikon D300. This camrea requires a PhD to tap it’s deep reservoir of strengths and capabilities. I’m still learning.

My advances over the past year have been.
1. E-Published – my picture of Edinburgh castle taken from the Scott Monument.
2. Informally sold a set of my cardinal pictures. That was a nice boost and nudge.

So, what’s next.
3. I have a picture competing in the D300 Challenge group on Flickr – theme Cold.
4. This week’s D300 challenge theme is ISO 3200. Will be posting to that challenge as well with a nice picture of Zeus OS.
5. To get print published. I will be submitting photos to a local weekly newspaper for inclusion on their cover. The deal here is that the picture has to be in portrait mode, either taken or cropped.

Then what? Investigate and select a site to post my pictures for sale. There are several available.


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