365.30 Photography

Sundays should be predominantly a down day, fairly free of obligations, both imposed, self-imposed and accepted. As such, Sundays general are. Spouse and child go to movies. I generally don’t. Apparently they find my snoring either embarassing, annoying or rude. Dark room, comfortable chair, lean back, wake me when it’s over. Or I’ll see it when it is out on either pay per view, DVD, cable or normal (whatever that means anymore) television.

So my day has been spent so far with software installation and major clotheshopping (anytime I break down and buy clothes, it’s major). So I thought to myself, what would I rather be doing? Photography. So, I brought along my camera – the Nikon D300. The weather was not cold, windy with variable skies and scattered heavy sprinkles.

I took pictures in Lewiston/Auburn first. Snow piles, a snow covered antique car, and the veterans park. Now what else I thought? Wanting to listen to rest of NPR’s Sarah Willis’s contemporary music radio show In Tune by Ten, I needed thirty minutes of drive time. Off to the South Freeport Harbor – the place you go to in the summer, when it is crowded with tourists buying and eating lobsters while trying to talk Maine’ah, no R’s with a liberal sprinking of Ayuh. Ice floes, snow covered lobster boats and docks, open water, variable sky with plenty of parking.

So I thought to myself, “Why isn’t every Sunday like this?” Being and meaning a day off for photography. Pictures of Maine without all the people. At least with less people. I had the dock and harbor essentially to myself.

My #30 idea is Sundays are photography exploration day. Where do I want to go next? Oh wait a minute, next Sunday is the Daytona 500…..


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