Idea 365.33 ReaLiving by the numbers

This morning’s TAO was Absorption. Sunrise, sunset, night follows sun, day follows moon. “If we integrate ourselves in that process, we will find success.”

It took awhile to discover my orderly kharma with the concept. So I started writing for discovery. There in front of me, ever before my wandering words, was an answer.

I start many journal entries creating in effect, a personal almanac. Sunrise, sunset, moon rise, moon set, mood day @ xx%. Why? To remain aware of that day’s CosmiCycle. Since I don’t have the discipline to reflectively journalize everyday, the data set is scattered into fragmentary completeness.

For example, today’s entries are:
SR 0708 SS 1841
MR 1605 MS 0545
MD 11 @ 85%

Then my DatAnalytical mind leaps to a personal spreadsheet. Adding details like high and low tides, high and low temperatures. I know I could import most of this information electronically, allowing the power of automation to streamline the process. But, there is much to be said when the data is touched by the human mind. It becomes more real. Processes untouched by human minds can beome inhuman and inhumane. Stretching here for something beyond my immediate grasp.

The CosmiCycle exists beyond humanity. We become more human when we allow ourselves to be absorbed into the cycle.

Starting excel now.


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