Idea 365.33 20% cash savings rate

I like saving money, the more the better. I have three direct deposits taken out of my paycheck every week just for this one purpose. Two are to cash accounts, one at a bank, the other at a credit union. The third is to my 401k. Diversification.
Spare change & cash
Then I got to thinking about a fourth opportunity for saving more money. This would be an extension of my spare change collection – at the end of each day, whatever spare change I may have goes into a drawer, to be later on rolled, and eventually spent as found money. Just found two dimes to drop on in.

Back to my fourth of five cash account. It’s my wallet. The basic premise being, count the cash on hand every morning, then set aside 20% into found money. What I didn’t do was first take out the money for that week’s obligations.

Day one – 20% whole dollars removed and $40 spent on town trash stickers.
Day two – 20% whole dollars removed and set aside into spare change drawer
Day three – the idea collapses. I don’t have enough cash on hand to pay for Zeus OS’s weekly doggy daycare. In fact, I’m two dollars short. No worries, I have a debit card.

I also have several four-digit PINs rumbling through my mind. I get to the bank and the first PIN is in reality the at work security alarm pass code. PIN failure, no money for you, please re-enter.

The next PIN is a legacy four digits, but not used on this account. PIN FAILURE, No Money For You, Please Re-enter.

Now I’m frustrated, worried and generally aggravated. None of which does well when you are thinking about thinking more clearly. Muttering, I’ve had this same PIN since living in North Dakota in the early nineties…..I entered three of the four digits correctly. 75% accuracy is not good enough. PIN FAILURE – NO MONEY FOR YOU – CONTACT THE BANK. (I am at the bank, the branch is open, I drive off.)

I have other ideas, I’ll stop at another driveby ATM on the way home. Obviously, with hindsight, I could have realized that these two ATMs, while separated by fifteen miles, would probably share the secret of my failure. PIN FAILURE – NO MONEY FOR YOU – CONTACT THE BANK.

I’m down to my last idea. I’ll buy something I don’t really need, but probably want. Let’s just say it’s a beverage from the Highlander region. Swipe the card, enter THE CORRECT PIN and get embarASSed by card rejection. And I’m still on the hook for paying for my purchase, while in a personally induced cashortage, so get out my FOR IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES credit card.

I still have to pick up Zeus. So I work up a groveling, albeit delightful, request for forgiveness and forebearance along with commitment to pay back full price and then some next week.

Two hours, two banks, one grocery story, and the doggy care later, I get home. Walk into the kitchen with my purchase, open the cabinet, grab the approved glass, open the beverage, and wonder where I get these ideas from sometimes.

Let’s try this again. Cash counted. 20% whole dollars set aside. Don’t forget the doggy day care debt and obligation.


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