First a 5.7.5 verse

Past present future
Seconds hours days pass on by
Then now tomorrow


If/as each book is a month, how many months of reading have you lived? Have you read a lifetime yet? What life span is your library?

Using my LibraryThing account as a starting point; 300 books catalogued yielding 25 years. But I am more twice that.

One entry, the Harvard Classics, The Five-foot Shelf of Books 51 Volume Set, adds four more years to my reading life. But that is not enough yet. (Nor have most of them been read into yet, so that may be a wash.)

Have I read all these books, or simply own them. I’m not even sure. Back to Tao.

Tao is neither the past or future, only now. This writing establishs a parallel continuum between Time & Writing. Some books are shorter than months. Other books are longer than lifetimes. Between Time & Writing is TAO.

5.7.5 verse for closure

Paper into page
Letters words telling a truth
An endless story


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