Spring in Maine

Spring in Maine, originally uploaded by Zeus Ocean Storm.

In the Maine Forest.

For the last three weekends, Zeus and I have been going on new for us walks. Well only one was truly new, the others being too infrequent. One: on Runaround Pond where Zeus enthusiastically met up with two other yellow dogs. Two: to Hedgehog Mountain in Freeport (it’s really just a higher ledge). Three: to Range Pond State Park in Poland, we hiked out through a snow squall. Four: today: Popham Beach State Park.

Spring time is a good time to get into new rhythms. The crowds are gone, leaving the trails et al to the freedom of a good walk with shared solitude.


2 thoughts on “Spring in Maine

  1. Aaaahhh… you’re making me long for my home state! Some favorite family walks of ours: Mackworth Island (portland/falmouth), Bradbury Mountaing (big hill), Gilsland Farm Audubon (falmouth).

    All great for all 4 seasons… spring is the best. Though things are pretty here in Northampton MA as well. Walking through Smith campus yesterday, caught such a sweet waft of Spring air I had to follow my nose. Brought me to a beautifully blooming witch hazel tree. It was literally adding fragrance an acre of open space on campus… hmmmm.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Jason;

    Bradbury Mountain is less than ten minutes away. Last time up there was for the spring equinox sunrise, had the ledge to myself and Zeus. Mackworth Island was done early this spring. Have never even thought of Gilsland Farm, wonder if they are dog friendly? (Blue bags are always responsibly available)

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