365.36 Thank you notes

I finished my taxes yesterday. Why so late, but not late yet? Taxcut, my legacy tax preparation software was advising that there would be one final software update.

That even by itself is difficult to comprehend. Here we are, four months into tax preparation season and the code is not finalized. Blame the government for their quest to complete challenge the ongoing complexity of the tax code. Should be simple, make money, get money, send some to the government. Instead, with the unintentional consequence of economic stimulus/drag, a whole economic segment is in place to guide and assist tax preparation. IRS, begats accountants & lawyers, begats software developers, begats the consumer supply chain, eventually leading to the post office. A simplified tax code is the economic equivalent of the Detroit Three going out of business, thus begatting another gov’t bailout. I will always remain an opponent of income tax and an adamant proponent of consumption tax. Don’t tax me on how I make my money, but how I CHOOSE to spend. it. But I digress?

The IRS and software recommend sending in the returns via traceable methods. (AKA more directed economic stimulus) Another alternative is electronic filing. A fee to us, free to the government. (AKA another directed economic stimulus). [ever notice how every economic stimulus is designed to separate you from your money?] Since I am sending checks with my returns, they are going in via standard first class mail. My return receipt will be the sucking sound as the two more weeks of income is sucked out of my checking account. Surely the USPS and IRS won’t want to lose that opportunity. But I now digress into my main point.

The gov’t revenue services should be sending us Thank You notes on behalf of the president and govenor. This job creation, laundered through the USPS, office supply companies & contract printing service is job creation begatting economic stimulus.

The bottom line becoming, a courteous gov’t, of by and for the people, would let us know, We Got Your Tax Return.

Don’t hold your breath. I won’t be.

Our tax code is so long it makes War and Peace seem breezy. ~Steven LaTourette


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